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This is How You Make Crumbles on an Apple Pie Cake

Are you fond of baking an apple pie cake with the crumbles all over it? Who wouldn’t love to grab a slice along with a cup of hot latte café or tea?

Here we go with the easy steps of creating beautiful crumbles across an apple-pie cake:

Pre-heat the oven

You need to pre-heat the oven at a temperature of 400 degree Fahrenheit or 200 Degree Celsius. Pre-heating the oven creates the right warmth for the cake or the pie to get baked evenly across sides.

Get yourself pie-making molds

You get what are known as pie-shells or pie-making tins. You have to place peeled slices of apples across the unbaked pie-shells. Pie-making tins help you bake pies with a neat finish.

Cake baking tins, online In India can be procured for baking a variety of tasty cakes and other baked delicacies.

Now comes the preparation bit

Mix half a cup of sugar along with cinnamon. You can sprinkle the mix along the slices of the apple.

To create the crumbles

This is one major step that needs paying attention to. You need to mix 1/3rd cup of sugar with all-purpose flour. You can either use white granulated sugar or use brown sugar. You have cut in slices of butter such that you create a crumbly proportioned batter. You need to spoon the mixture over the delightful apple sprinkled mix.

Bake the pie, nice and soft

You have to bake the crumbly apple-pies in the pre-heated oven for about 40 minutes or so. The apples are to remain soft and the top portion of the pie needs to be light brown in shade.

These are simple and easy steps for you to bake that fluffy and crumbly apple-pie all by yourself. To make varieties of mouth-watering cakes, try buying cake baking tins online in India at affordable prices. Make baking a smooth and easy process by owning the right set of baking tools.